Watch Collection

All Parrera watches are made from hi-tech ceramic with Swiss movements and sapphire crystals. The Parrera collection is made of seven different models and 30 watch references:

44mm Day Date Chrono – All Ceramic (2 versions)


44mm Day Date Chrono – Leather Strap (14 versions)

PA1513 PA1514 PA1515 PA1516 PA1517 PA1518 PA1519

PA1523 PA1524 PA1525 PA1526 PA1527 PA1528 PA1529

44mm Day Date Chrono – NATO Strap (6 versions)

PA1610 PA1614 PA1616 PA1620 PA1624

40mm Day Date Chrono – Pink Gold Accents (2 versions)

PA1331 PA1332

40mm Day Date Chrono – Steel Accents (2 versions)

PA1311 PA1322

40mm Date – All Ceramic (2 versions)

PA1211 PA1222

30mm Date- All Ceramic (2 versions)

PA1111 PA1122

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